About The Poster Art Prints

In 1986, when production of my first piece began, I had carved out my own small niche in the vast realm of poster art. By definition, my posters are not the usual variety, but are more correctly termed 'fine prints' because of the way are produced - with custom inks and varnishes on premium grade paper.

Each poster was elegantly designed around one of my photographs, and a relevant quote or thought was chosen to enhance the image. This combination creates a distinctive poster with a very special feeling.


God Bless Wyoming And Keep It Wild

A little history about the poster: The original poster was printed in 1986 and has been out of production since about 1996.

Story Behind The Quote

Jackson Hole Courier, September 2, 1926


Miss Becky Mettler, a fifteen year old guest of the Bar BC Ranch fell 100 feet to her death in Taggart Canyon last Monday afternoon. The young lady was one of a small party of girls who with Mrs. Irving Corse were making a day’s pleasant jaunt into the mountains. The party had stopped to view the magnificent scenery and Miss Mettler, previously warned by Mrs. Corse, climbed into a dangerous position. She called for help and while Mrs. Corse was trying to reach her she fell into the canyon.

Mrs. Course dispatched the girls for help while she stayed by the body. To Peter Karppi of the Half Moon Ranch and Olie Van Winklc goes the credit of bringing out the body; a four mile trip down a treacherous mountain canyon without trails or light of day to aid them, a most difficult feat of mountaineering.

The girl will be buried at her home in New Jersey.

Becky’s diary is quoted as saying, “God bless Wyoming and keep it wild” on a plaque at St. Johns Hospital. ( click on plague image to view larger)

Note: Hellen went by the nick name 'Becky'.

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